Created by broadcaster Steve Carver, Angel Holidays offers a more authentic form of travel. You’ll have insights beyond that of ordinary tourism and free time to explore too. Please don’t expect a typical regimented sight seeing tour. Our holidays include unique experiences such as flying over Everest or camping in the Indian desert. Accommodation is chosen to enhance your experience. You might stay in a monastery, riverside jungle cabin or ancient trader’s house. Our trips are suitable for all ages with just an average fitness required. 

Our exploration into Nepal includes ancient cities, the jungle, the birthplace of the Buddha and the Himalaya. In our combined adventure to Bangkok, Laos and Cambodia you’ll enjoy busy cities, adventurous jungle river trips, remote villages, Mekong sunsets and the lost city of Angkor. Our classic Indian road trip takes us through Rajasthan; the cultural heart of India. Here you’ll ride camels and camp in the desert, see traditional villages, romantic old cities, palaces, desert citadels, the Taj Mahal and even the ‘Exotic Marigold Hotel'.  


  1. Best time to travel
    Finding the best time to travel to a region is crucial, particularly in Asia. Travel outside of these times and the climate could be cool, wet or humid and too hot. Visibility may also be affected.

    All Angel Holidays tours are chosen in 'high season' when the climate is best.

    In Nepal, the season is relatively short. Late March to the end of April is good, and October into November are good too.

    Rajasthan has a similar pattern (much is due to rainfall and weather patterns from the Himalaya) just a little earlier. February to the end of March/April are good, as is September until early December.

    With Cambodia and Laos - it's best to travel anytime between late Sept and into the end of March

    Angel Holidays


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